Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tour Information for Bloggers

Thank you for joining CLP Blog Tours! I am thrilled to have worked so many fantastic bloggers via Chick Lit Plus, my own books, and now through CLP Blog Tours. I wanted to create this page to help answer some questions that I get frequently. Of course, please feel free to email me anytime as well regarding a tour!
Bloggers will receive a review copy of the book, you never need to purchase your own copy. Sometimes these will be an ARC (Advanced Readers Copy) or they will be a finished product. If you do receive an ARC, we ask that you do not comment on subjects such as editing or formatting, since they are still in those stages. I will schedule dates with all bloggers once I have them confirmed with the author, and I do ask you post on these dates. If something comes up and you cannot post on your scheduled date, please send me an email so I know and can alert the author as well. If your tour dates goes by with no post and I do not hear from you, you will be removed from the Fantastic Bloggers list and not included in future tours. Authors give copies to reviewers and do expect something in return, especially during a blog tour. If you have signed up for a review and either cannot finish by your scheduled date or did not connect with the book, I ask you to please email me and request a Novel Spotlight instead. A Novel Spotlight will consist of the cover art, synopsis, and links to the author and to buy the book (which are provided by me). This way, the author is still getting publicity for your tour stop. I do ask if you do not connect with a novel, please post a Novel Spotlight instead of a critiqued review during tour time. I try to keep all tours as positive as possible. Please note once the tour is over, I encourage you to post your review. If you have signed up for a guest post or interview, I ask you to send topics and questions to me directly. I will pass these along to the author and send them back to you once I have them. If you have requested an excerpt, those will be sent to you from myself before tour time starts. A week prior to the tour starting, I will send out a Kick Off email that will include the author’s bio, photo, cover art, and links to buy the book and connect with the author. A synopsis can be found on the tour page at CLP Blog Tours. I also have tour buttons for each blog tour, and encourage bloggers to use these as well. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this information, and I look forward to working with you more on future tours! Happy Reading,

CLP Blog Tour Coordinator