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What authors are saying about CLP Blog Tours!

"I am so grateful to Samantha March with CLP Blog Tours. She’s created a supportive and well planned platform for bringing baby books into the wide world. If your women’s fiction book is ready to meet its readers, take the opportunity and use this great service." - Lisa Souza, author of Beauty and the Bridesmaid

"“As a debut author, I needed some help getting the word out there about my book. Samantha scheduled me on really great blog sites that were a perfect fit. She walked me through my part in the process, provided tips and assistance along the way with endless patience, and did a fantastic job communicating with the bloggers and promoting each post and review. I will definitely use CLP Blog Tours again!” - Tracy Gardner Beno, author of The Fall of Our Secrets

"Samantha March with CLP Blog Tours was very professional and had great follow through. I have done three blog tours and by far she was the most on top of getting my information and making sure the bloggers were posting. Thanks, Samantha!" - Lisa Loomis, author of A Horse Named Joe 

"From the very first email exchange with Samantha l knew I picked the perfect company to host my book blog tour!  Samantha was super organized and a true pleasure to work with. She made the process so simple, easy, and fun. I had a long tour - seventeen stops spanning a month.   Thanks to Samantha and her superb network of bloggers my book, Dangled Carat, and I received amazing national and international exposure.  I am so thankful that I selected CLP for my tour and I know that when I complete my next book I will be scheduling another CLP tour!" - Hilary Grossman, author of Dangled Carat

"I booked a Chick Lit Plus blog tour for my debut novel, Limoncello Yellow. Thanks to Samantha and her team, I got international as well as national exposure, well over 100 "likes" on my Facebook author page, book reviews, tons of new followers on Twitter, and lots of sales. I will definitely use CLP when I book my blog tour for Prosecco Pink. Grazie mille, Samantha! " - Traci Andrighetti, author of Limoncello Yellow

"CLP blog tours are amazing! I have booked two tours over the past few years, and I have been very pleased with the results both times. Samantha does a fantastic job of keeping you informed, making sure you send in all your information, and updating your tour page.  The site is professional, and the bloggers she uses are as well.  She makes it so easy to get great your book in the public eye.  You don't have to worry about anything.  You will not be disappointed." - Andrea Murray, author of Omni

"I was a bit apprehensive about doing a blog tour, as I wasn't sure what to expect, but Samantha at CLP Blog Tours made the process easy and enjoyable. I connected with six great bloggers, received honest feedback on my novel, and had nice results. Samantha was organized and kept me informed at each stage of the process. I've already recommended CLP to a writer friend whose debut novel was just released." - Laura Templeton, author of Something Yellow

"This is my third blog tour and I have to say that, for the money, it's been the best! I paid a small fortune for my first one and the investment simply didn't pay off in my view. The second one came in at half the price and was very professionally done with clear results and follow-up. CLP Blog Tours delivered as promised for half the price again and I am very pleased with the results! Have already sent a referral of a debut author. Great work! Honest reviews." - Mary Metcalfe, author of New Beginnings

"Samantha and CLP Blog Tours made my first blog tour a very positive experience! I wasn't sure what a blog tour entailed, but she made the whole process easy and fun. Samantha was a pleasure to work with; very efficient, organized, always friendly and helpful. When my second book comes out, I definitely want her to handle my blog tour again!" -Karoline Barrett, author of The Art of Being Rebekkah

"The experience with CLP Blog Tours was truly a positive one. Working with Samantha was great and I can honestly say that her professionalism and positive attitude is unparalleled in this industry. I am definitely looking forward to working with her in the future!" - Quanie Miller, author of It Ain't Easy Being Jazzy 

"I want to give a HUGE thanks to Samantha for organising my fantastic blog tour!  CLP was without a doubt the best experience I've had online promoting my book!  I have yet to come across anything better.  Samantha was incredibly organised and efficient with my tour.  She stayed in touch and updated me regularly about each tour stop or any changes. And she was extremely prompt with replies.  I felt in very good and very enthusiastic hands!  I would highly, highly recommend CLP to anyone looking for a fun and cost effective way to promote their books online.  I got terrific feedback from readers who found my book through the blog tour.  I'll be back with my next book for sure!  Thank you Samantha!"  Roje Augustin, author of The Unraveling of Bebe Jones

"I'd never been on a blog tour before and I'm so glad I chose CLP Blog Tours.  Samantha is the perfect combination of friendly and professional. Thanks to Samantha's help, my novel Shake Down The Stars, earned more reviews and reached people I would not have been able to contact on my own. She connected me to excellent bloggers and was always prompt with her responses when I had a question. I'm not all that great with Twitter and she and her bloggers really stepped up where I fell short. If you're on the fence about taking a tour, I want to say that it's worth it.  I look forward to working with Samantha again when my next novel comes out.  Thanks, Samantha!" - Renee Swindle, author of Shake Down the Stars

"Working with Samantha and CLP Blog Tours was truly a wonderful experience. Samantha was organized, quick to answer questions, and went above and beyond in helping to make my tour a success. I would definitely recommend CLP Blog Tours to anyone looking to promote their book and will be back when my next book releases. Thank you Samantha!! - Christine Warner, author of Bachelor's Special

"I just want to thank Samantha and CLP Blog Tours for such a wonderful job organizing the tour for my second book, Crime & Passion. When launching my first book, I decided to go it alone and organize things myself. Let me tell you, I nearly went out of my mind with the stress of keeping track of everything. Samantha made the process for this blog tour so easy and I didn't have to worry about a thing. She helped with ideas on what to write my guest posts about, kept track of making sure each host had what they needed, found bloggers who wanted to do reviews (and did a really great job), and sent me gentle reminders when I was behind schedule on interviews and guest posts. The hosts were all fabulous and I'm extremely pleased with how things turned out.  Launching a book is stressful enough without trying to organize a tour, and I would definitely recommend CLP Blog Tours to help make this fun and painless. I'll definitely be a repeat customer. Thanks again!" ~ Chantel Rhondeau, author of Crime and Passion

"Working with CLP Blog Tours was incredibly smooth and easy; I saved hours and hours in setting up and coordinating my book tour. Samantha's communication was faultless and the tour itself went 100% according to plan. I warmly recommend this service." - Pauline Wiles, author of Saving Saffron Sweeting 

"A huge thanks to Samantha for organizing my blog tour!!!  Baby! Bay? Baby?! is my first published novel and I was a bit unsure about wading into book review/blogging territory but Samantha held my hand and helped me jump right in.  I'll be back for another tour when my next book comes out!" - Holly Kerr, author of Baby! Baby? Baby?!

"When I was preparing to launch my seventh novel, Lost in the Light, I researched many advertising opportunities and blog tour services. It was by chance that I discovered Chick Lit Plus and Samantha March on Facebook. After following her for a few weeks, I was impressed with her support and enthusiasm for her clients, as well as the breadth and quality of bloggers who hosted tours. When I inquired into the services, Samantha's response was personal, timely and thorough. I knew right away that as soon as I wrapped up this book, I would sign up with Samantha. My expectations were truly exceeded! Working with her has made the launch of my book so much easier. She was truly a partner in the process. Within a couple of weeks of signing up, I had fifteen bloggers and a great giveaway, all of which Samantha expertly managed. She ensured that I submitted by Q&A's, guest posts, excerpt and information, and she followed up with the bloggers and reviewers. My tour has been an incredible success in showcasing my book to a whole new audience of readers. Her bloggers have a engaged and numerous readers. They cross promote across all social networks and I've seen sales of my book steadily increase in its first month of release. I not only highly recommend Samantha and Chick Lit Blog Tours, but I plan to return to her and her community of bloggers with my next book." - Mary Castillo, author of Lost in the Light

The second I heard back from Samantha about booking a Chick Lit Plus blog tour, I knew I was in great hands. She is absolutely phenomenal at organizing and overseeing your blog tour, and you can tell that she truly cares about the authors on her tours. My own Chick Lit Plus blog tour for Rock Star’s Girl was a blast, and I can’t recommend Samantha enough!
If you’re considering a blog tour for your book, stop considering and BOOK one with Samantha! You can look forward to working with a true professional who will keep in touch with you and the reviewers scheduled for your tour every step of the way. How she manages to stay on top of every detail so efficiently and effectively will leave you in awe, especially since she also manages such a terrific web site, and seems to read more books every week than anyone I know!
Thank you, Samantha, for a wonderful blog tour experience. The exposure I’ve received for Rock Star’s Girl through my Chick Lit Plus blog tour is invaluable. I appreciate all the hard work, time, and effort you put into organizing and running my blog tour, and hope to work with you again! – J.F. Kristin, author of Rock Star’s Girl

Meeting Samantha was probably the best thing that could have ever happened to me as a new indie author. Nowadays, so much relies on the author to spread the word and Chick Lit Plus' blog tour definitely helped me get quality and timely reviews out to potential readers. Each reviewer on the tour stop was incredibly kind, honest and professional. And I sincerely appreciated their time and dedication. Samantha is also a genuine doll— the sweetest girl in the blogosphere! More importantly, she is an author herself so she fully understands what authors need. I would highly recommend the blog tour to any author. - Kimberly Lin, author of Recession Proof

“As an avid reader of chick-lit, I was aware of the Chick Lit Plus website before I even started writing my own book.  It was (and still is) one of my go-to places for seeing what new books are out in the genre.  But it wasn’t until, with my fingers crossed, I sent an email asking Samantha to read and review my book that I became aware of how amazing she is.  She’s like the Super Woman of chick-lit!  At first, I was astounded by how many books she must read a week considering the frequency with which she posts her reviews.  And her website is always kept current, not only with information about new book releases/reviews but also consumer product reviews, celebrity news etc.  Shortly after she posted a favorable review of my book (yay!), she began organizing the CLP Blog Tours.  I was intrigued immediately, but it took me several months to pull the trigger.  I am so glad I did.  Samantha is one of the most organized business woman with whom I have ever had the pleasure of working.  She found the bloggers, she coordinated the guest posts and interviews, she sent updates on several social media sites.  She did everything except write the book!  And she answered all of my questions promptly and never seemed hurried which, again, astounds me since she has so much going on.  When I first reached out to Samantha, I was intimidated because I know she works with big-time authors and publishers and I am a debut author with a smaller publisher.  But after a single email exchange, I was put completely at ease because, despite being extremely diligent and serious about what she does for a living, Samantha is also a real person.  She clearly loves what she does and her passion shines through.  I would, without reservation, recommend the CLP Blog Tour to any author looking to promote her book and I look forward to working with Samantha again with my sophomore novel.”- Meredith Schorr, author Just Friends With Benefits

“Having recently finished my first professionally scheduled book blog tour, I can tell you, it’s worth every penny. Ms. Robey took special care to ensure that my tour was a smashing success. From start to finish, not a single detail escaped her watchful eye. If you’ve been considering a book blog tour as a means of promotion, but remained on the fence, now is the time to jump in. The reviewers are the real deal, so don’t expect every review to be candy kisses and roses. But know this: the reviews are the real deal, the web exposure is far reaching, and the service is phenomenal! I’d have another go in a heartbeat!”- Elsie Love, author of Confessions of a PTA Mafia Mom

“I initially contacted Samantha about possibly reviewing, with just one click.  When I received an email from her, I immediately felt her positivity and enthusiasm for what she does.  She said she would love to review the book and then mentioned her blog tour as something I might be interested in.  As a first time author, I wasn’t quite sure what a blog tour consisted of, but with Samantha’s help, she provided detailed information about what her tour was all about. I thought the tour would be a great way to get my book into the blogger world and signed up for this service she offered.  The tour ended up to be a great way to receive reviews and feedback for with just one click. I highly recommend this service to any author looking for more publicity and exposure for their book.
On a personal note, I wanted to thank Samantha for her positivity towards self-published or indie authors.  Sometimes bloggers right away state in their review policy that they don’t accept these types of books for review.  Samantha and the other bloggers on this tour were open to the book and what it was about, not if there was  a publisher’s name on the back cover.  Samantha’s enthusiasm for writing and books can be seen in her correspondence with anyone she comes in contact with. It was a pleasure to work with her, and respect her immensely for giving every book a chance! “- Amanda Strong, author of With Just One Click

"Im a publisher who hired ChickLitPlus for an author’s blog tour. As such, I felt protective of our author and felt a real need to get the best I could out of the tour. I was pretty demanding and Samantha could have been impatient with me. Instead, she worked with me like a champ! She was unfailingly polite, professional, and helpful, and put together a dynamite tour that really showcased our author. A ChickLitPlus tour is an excellent value–I’d recommend it to any publisher.”- Julie Smith, booksBnimble for Marika Christian, author of Phone Kitten.

“If you are looking for someone to guide you through the blog tour process, I highly recommend Samantha Robey at ChickLitPlus.  Samantha will effectively take you by the hand and make the undertaking not only straight forward and approachable, but will share with you her enthusiasm and genuine delight in bringing your tour to life.  I am thankful that Samantha is in my corner and I wholeheartedly suggest you have her in yours, too.”  – Kathleen Kole, author of Breaking Even

“Samantha has the connections, the professionalism and the enthusiasm to get your book in the hands of the right reviewers at a very reasonable price. In short, Chick Lit Plus is a Chick Lit author’s best friend!” – Lucie Simone, author of Hollywood Ending

“It was great working with Samantha, and having her coordinate my tour really took the stress out of it!” - Jessica Chambers, author of Voices on the Waves.

“I really appreciate the hard work, effort, and enthusiasm Samantha brings to her tours!”  – Chantel Simmons, author of Love Struck

“The publishing industry has changed so much over the past few years, and with the new popularity of indie publishing, it’s become very difficult to compete for attention from reviewers and book bloggers. At least that’s what I found when my second novel came out. That’s why I contacted Samantha. Her price was EXTREMELY reasonable, and she was always super professional, helpful, and detail oriented. She set up a lovely blog tour for me, but in addition to that she would always patiently and promptly answer any question I had. Now that I’ve had some positive reviews and have been featured on several different blogs, I can build on it. In fact, the week of my blog tour a very well visited blog contacted me and asked to feature my book. That never would have happened if it hadn’t been for Samantha. I highly recommend her.”- Laurel Osterkamp, author of Starring in the Movie of My Life

“This is my first official blog tour. I’m really glad I chose to spend my marketing budget on it! Before my tour even kicked off, I was contacted by the Editor-in-Chief of PTO Today Magazine asking if I would give them a copy of the book to be read/reviewed in their national magazine! They found me doing a general internet search on the PTA. It lead them to Chick-Lit plus…then me/my book. Money well spent, for sure.” – Elsie Love, author of Confessions of a PTA MafiaMom

Phone Kitten was my debut novel, and frankly I was unsure of how a blog tour worked. Samantha kept me informed every step of the way, and was enthusiastic not only about my book, but about the reviews I received. Making the  Phone Kitten tour a success was as important to her  as it was to me and she seemed delighted by each success.  It was wonderful having Samantha in my corner!”- Marika Christian, author of Phone Kitten

” Samantha:  Thank you so much for all of your support and enthusiasm toward Click: An Online Love Story.  I really appreciate your help in exposing my debut work to so many influential book blog reviewers and rabid chick lit fans.  Between review, giveaways, guest posts and interviews, my novel has received some great exposure.  The enthusiasm and encouragement I’ve been met with has been a huge motivator to continue writing.  So, on many levels, again, thank you.”- Lisa Becker, author of Click: An Online Love Story

 "It’s no secret that the way to sell books and reach an audience is through word of mouth. And what better way to get your title out there than to have book lovers blogging about it to hundreds of other readers? Reaching those bloggers can be a challenge though…unless you have Samantha and CLP Blog Tours do it for you. Samantha’s extensive connections coupled with her energy and organizational skills made my tour a huge success for One Pink Line. She is extremely professional and extremely affordable. Her response time is quick, her emails concise, and her efforts triumphant. Five stars from me!" - Dina Silver, author of One Pink Line

"Like many debut authors who don't have the backing of a large-scale traditional publisher, I was both puzzled and intimidated by the concept of a blog tour. But from her opening email, Samantha's warmth, enthusiasm and professionalism effortlessly helped me navigate any curves or speed bumps in my path. She was always instantly available for any questions, kept me updated on every single step of the way, and was faster than a flash bulb when putting my tour together. The ultimate result was an experience that far surpassed what I had hoped for... But wait - there's still more! Rare is the professional liaison where you can enter seeking business assistance, and exit feeling as though you've made a new friend. Samantha has that kind of quality, and I am crazy grateful that I had the opportunity to work with her. We here at Air Zoe understand the value of choosing a good travel service, which is why when it came time for us to hit the open road, we are impossibly glad we chose Samantha's CLP Blog Tours!" - Erik Atwell, author of Thank You For Flying Air Zoe

"CLP Blog Tours was a fantastic experience for a new author such as myself.  It not only got my wheels turning about the reasons behind my books, but the reviewers gave me food for thought, ideas for discussion questions, and helpful opinions.  It was overall a very cool experience that was well worth the money, not only because it helped give my new book publicity, but because it was an educational experience for me as a new author.  I highly recommend a CLP blog tour to any authors.  It was overall a great experience." - Judah Lee Davis, author of She Tells All

"Dear Samantha - a million thanks to you and your amazing CLP bloggers for a wonderful tour! Your superb organization made the tour easy and fun. And the thoughtful, thought-provoking questions from my hosts gave me such a terrific opportunity to share more than just story details - to really connect with readers. Can't wait to book my next CLP tour this fall - for my forthcoming novel, Nowhere to Run!" - Terri Giuliano Long, author of In Leah's Wake

 "CLP Blog Tours are great!  It was fantastic exposure, and it offered me an opportunity to get the word out about my novel as well as get some amazing feedback.  The interview process was a wonderful learning opportunity, too.  Answering the bloggers questions forced me to really think about my writing process.  Samantha is diligent and thorough.  She kept me posted and replied promptly to any questions I had.  She guided me each step of the way.  You will not regret signing up--money well-spent! Thanks, Samantha!" - Andrea Murray, author of Vivid

"ChickLitPlus is an excellent, professional, and reliable resource for promoting your books online. Samantha offers a friendly, personal touch, is well-organized, and puts authors in touch with great bloggers! I cannot recommend CLP enough!" - Lauren Clark, author of Stay Tuned

"I had such a fun time with CLP Blog Tours. From the second I started chatting with Samantha about dates, what I wanted to accomplish and how I could spread the word about my debut book I knew I'd found a great publicity partner. Samantha was right on top of scheduling, contacting bloggers, getting information for (and from!) me...the whole experience was smooth - no hitches! I couldn't be happier with CLP, and I'm looking forward to my next tour!" - Kristina Knight, author of What a Texas Girl Wants

"I highly recommend a CLP Blog Tour. I'm a new author, working on building an audience. The tour was a great way to get the word out about my book. In addition to the publicity, I got honest reviews, which I desperately needed! The tour was well organized, and I’ll be booking again in the future." - Sarah Bridgeton, author of The Undiscovered Novelist 

"I cannot say enough good things about Samantha March and her ChickLitPlus Blog Tour.  While I was somewhat of a crazy person getting my novel completed, Sam was there for me. She was very organized and communicative as well as patient. She kept me very well informed of my next steps and the deadlines I needed to reach. A writer herself, she understands the pressure a writer is under. She is so personable--a total delight to work with every step of the way. I was also very pleased with the bloggers she chose and the results. I highly recommend ChickLitPlus Blog Tours." - EL Sarnoff, author of Dewitched

"I'm a chick lit writer, and I have always been a huge chick lit reader. So, even before I published Finding Lucas, I had followed Chick Lit Plus. I loved the reviews, updates and new books to discover. So, when I decided to do a book tour, there was nowhere else I wanted it to be with but CLP. And I'm so glad I did! Samantha March is so kind, warm and professional and she helped me every step of the way. She answers emails immediately, gives great advice for those scary moments of doubt and at such a reasonable price, any author can afford to do a tour. 

I highly recommend CLP for a virtual book tour, and I will definitely be doing mine with Samantha March for every book I write." - Samantha Stroh Bailey, author of Finding Lucas

"Samantha March is not only prompt, professional, creative, and organized, she also happens to be wonderful to work with. Her upbeat attitude and pleasant e-mails make being on tour not only easy, but fun. She is there step by step from the beginning of the tour through the very end. Any changes or details that need attending to she is on top of 100 percent. You are in such good hands with Samantha. I definitely say that if you are looking to go on tour, look no further! CLP tours is absolutely the way to go. It has been a perfect experience, there is nothing I would change. Thanks Samantha!" - Jessica Gordon, author of Becoming Mrs. Walsh 

"My blog tour was wonderful.  The reviewers reported on time.  It was easy to find the interviews and reviews.  Samantha was easy to work with and she carried most of the work.  I would definitely use CLP Blog Tours again and recommend it to my friends." - Shirley Hailstock, author of White Diamonds


"I found CLP Blog Tours to be very professional. Samantha was able to put me in touch with a number of bloggers who promoted my book through reviews, interviews and guest posts. I would not have been able to get this kind of exposure on my own. Ms. March is conscientious and her attention to detail is excellent. Therefore I would gladly recommend CLP Blog Tours to both aspiring and established authors." - Priya Narendran, author of Schoolgirl Cinderella