Saturday, December 31, 2011

Chasing China by Kay Bratt

Mia is beautiful, talented and has the world at her fingertips. But what makes her different than the average college student who juggles a heavy workload and a rat of a boyfriend? Many years ago she was born to an unknown family in China but soon discarded to fend for herself in a busy train station.  Fate stepped in when Mia was taken to the local orphanage and adopted at the age of four by her American family. Life has been good for her, or at least as much as she has allowed it to be while pushing her deep feelings of abandonment to the back of her mind. Finally she has decided that in order to move forward, she must confront her past. Mia takes a journey to the mysterious land of her birth and embarks on a mission to find answers. As she follows the invisible red thread back through her motherland, she is enamored by the history and culture of her heritage--strengthening her resolve to get to the truth, even as Chinese officials struggle to keep it buried. With her unwavering spirit of determination, Mia battles the forces stacked against her and faces mystery, danger, a dash of romance, and finally a conclusion that will change her life.

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Author Bio:  

Kay Bratt is a child advocate and author, residing near the base of Wacau Mountain, in the rolling hills of Georgia with her husband, daughter, dog, and cat. In addition to coordinating small projects for the children of China, Kay is an active volunteer for An Orphans Wish (AOW). Kay lived in China for over four years and because of her experiences working with orphans, she strives to be the voice for children who cannot speak for themselves. Kay kicked off her career as an author with her best selling memoir titled Silent Tears; A Journey of Hope in a Chinese Orphanage. Since that time she has been writing material to entertain readers while raising awareness of world issues. Kay is the author of The Bridge, Mei Li and The Wise Laoshi, and an upcoming novel titled A Thread Unbroken.

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  1. "Chasing China" is a wonderful story. I couldn't help but picture my adopted granddaughter in this story. Thank you, Kay, for sharing your heart in the story as you remembered your years volunteering in the orphanage in China. Look forward to more wonderful stories.

  2. Wow - this story is fantastic - I can't even begin to imagine the pain of abandonment - I have never read any of your stories before but I will definitely rectify that omission!


  3. Mia sounds like a great, strong character. Gotta add this to me "to read" list.

  4. As mom to a daughter born in China (who has more questions as she gets older), I am definitely interested in reading this book!

  5. As a Mom of an adopted Chinese daughter...I loved this story!! I can't w ait until she is old enough to read it!!

  6. This is a really good book. I can't wait for the next book.

  7. I recently bought this book as a gift for my mom... looking forward to reading it once she's finished it! Sounds like a great book and I can't wait to read the story! With two little sisters from China, it's close to my heart :)

  8. Loved the book! I just bought it via Amazon 3 days ago (emailing the receipt to get more contest entries!! woohoo) and read it in a hot minute. I can not wait until my 4 year old daughter is old enough to read this.

  9. I've read all Kay's books and look forward to her next book but my favorite is chasing china! It's an easy read..warning u can't put it down once you start it! And it left me having a hard time separating my izabella Dom Mia for weeks! Love a book that haunts you for a while after you've finished it!

  10. I am forever grateful to Kay for writing Silent lead to our decision to adopt our daughter. Now, I'm looking forward to reading Chasing China!

  11. Thank you for being so open with your readers!

    Kim Ortmeyer

  12. Looking forward to reading Chasing China! Thanks for sharing your story.


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