Thursday, January 19, 2012

January Fantastic Blogger Giveaway

Carlene Rivers is many things. Dutiful, reliable, kind. Lucky? Not so much. At thirty, she's living a stifling existence in Cleveland, Ohio. Then one day, Carlene buys a raffle ticket. The prize: a pub on the west coast of Ireland. Carlene is stunned when she wins. Everyone else is stunned when she actually goes. 

As soon as she arrives in Ballybeog, Carlene is smitten not just by the town's beguiling mix of ancient and modern, but by the welcome she receives. In this small town near Galway Bay, strife is no stranger, strangers are family, and no one is ever too busy for a cup of tea or a pint. And though her new job presents challenges—from a meddling neighbor to the pub's colorful regulars—there are compensations galore. Like the freedom to sing, joke, and tell stories, and in doing so, find her own voice. And in her flirtation with Ronan McBride, the pub's charming, reckless former owner, she just may find the freedom to follow where impulse leads and trust her heart—and her luck—for the very first time. . .

I will be giving away my paperback ARC of The Pub Across the Pond by Mary Carter to one Fantastic Blogger that participates in a January tour. If you are involved in Lauren Clark, Natalie Aaron and MarlaSchwartz, Nancy Volkers, Romi Moondi, Daniella Brodsky, Heather Wardell, or Bethany Ramos’ blog tour, you will be automatically entered to win. Please let me know if you would not like to be considered for the prize. The winner will be chosen on Tuesday, January 31. Thank you for all your hard work in making these tours a success!

**The winner is Laura @ The Reading Nook! Thank you Fantastic Bloggers for all you do! **

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