Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August Fantastic Blogger Giveaway

Have you ever wanted to escape?

When Amanda finds her French husband wrapped around his sous-chef, her perfect life comes crashing down. Worse, Andre seems to think she should just accept his infidelity and carry on as normal for the sake of their young son, Max.

Devastated by his betrayal, Amanda accepts her mother's offer of an holiday and runs away with Max to an exclusive resort in Laguna Beach.

The St. Regis Hotel is heaven on earth and Max is having the time of his life. But while Amanda knows she should be using the time to think about what she wants, her life gets more complicated by a meeting with a handsome older man...

I will be giving away a paperback copy of The Beach Holiday by Anita Hughes to one Fantastic Blogger who participates in an August blog tour. If you are involved in CindyRoesel, Kristen Wolf, Kathleen Irene Paterka, Jenn Flynn-Shon, Marie Astor, Anne Kemp, Ruby Preston, or Cat Lavoie’s blog tour, you will automatically be entered to win. Please let me know if you would not like to be considered for the prize. The winner will be chosen on Thursday, August 31. Thank you for all your hard work in making these tours a success! 

**The winner is Emily @ Tea and Scribbles!**


  1. I absolutely ADORE Chicklit! It's always my go-to genre. Every time I read a wonderful novel like this, I feel totally involved, smiling the whole time I'm reading it, and don't want it to ever end. Go Chicklit! The Beach Holiday sounds wonderful. Just crossing my fingers and toes in hopes of being a winner!! Yippee! How wonderful would that be?? :-)

  2. OK. Phooey. I didn't win this time.


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