Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fantastic Blogger Giveaway: January

Be careful what you wish for...Grace, Skylar and Alina are connected by destiny when an enchanted comet crosses the night sky. As their most secret ambitions ignite, their ordinary lives take a magical detour down a powerful but dangerous path.

Grace, emerging from her dejected childhood, develops the power to make men fall in love with her. Skylar leaves her impoverished past behind and pursues the social status she has always longed for. Without dreams of her own, Alina covets the power to unravel other lives and seeks revenge. As they crash into and slip away from each other in a cycle of envy, deception and love lost, these three women are forced to look deeper into their own hearts for the true meaning of enchantment.

I will be giving away my print copy of Enchanted by Starlight by Tina L. Hook to one blogger who participates in a January tour.  If you are involved in Samaire Provost, Meredith Schorr, Julie Smith, Emma Burstall, Melissa Brown, Holly Kerr, Tracy Tucker, Lynda Bailey, Jessica Gordon or Rachel Schurig's tour, you will automatically be entered to win. BONUS WINNER: Because so many tours are happening in the month of January, there will be one bonus winner for the month! Bloggers, simply comment on another bloggers tour post(s) throughout the month, and each comment will get you one entry to win a $25 Amazon gift card! Comments on your own blog posts will not count towards the drawing. Thank you for everything you do for CLP Blog Tours!


Enchanted By Starlight - Chick Lit Goddess
Gift Card - Change the Word

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