Monday, December 16, 2013

Sometimes Ya Gotta Laugh by Timothe Davis

 When our friends make choices we don't like, what do we do? And when those choices threaten our friendships, how far will we go to protect our friends? Jordan Spencer is thirty-six and hasn't had a relationships that's lasted more than six months. He's fine with that, though. He's got space issues. And what difference does it make anyway? He has his two best friends - Gabby and Chris - for happy hours, clubs, and weekend hangouts. But Gabby is falling for a guy that Jordan doesn't like and Chris-the-sex-machine is having a phallic-crisis.

Jordan thought that their friendship would last forever. But with each day, they drift further apart. Should he fight for the friends who have become his family? Or has the season of their friendship past?

Set to the soundtrack of his life, Jordan Spencer will learn that in a world full of sex, lies, and drag queens, that even the best of friends occasionally lie to each other. Sometimes they cry for each other. But in the end, sometimes ya just gotta laugh."

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Author Bio:

Timothe Davis is a music-loving, martini-drinking, night owl. He spends his days confined within the walls of corporate America but (not so) secretly harbors dreams of writing best-sellers and getting books adapted to movies. Thank God he's wise enough to have a 401K plan.

You can find him wandering around his loft most times of the night. His friends say his sarcasm belies a warm heart and he's tried not once but twice.

“Sometimes Ya Gotta Laugh” is his first novel. It's a fictional story of love, friendship, acceptance, and the journey we take to make ourselves better each day. He hopes that those who purchase it will enjoy reading it as much as he enjoyed writing it.

Connect with Timothe:

Twitter: @timothedavis
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The book can be purchased via most online vendors including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Books A Million or through:

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